Fixing Norton Error Unable to Continue 80047ec6

Norton Error Unable to Continue 80047ec6

Norton Antivirus offers the safeguard of the PCs from online threats and dangers. The Norton software is developed by the Symantec Corporation in the year 1991.

Norton offers the security of your system, mobile devices, or laptops from cyber threats like viruses or malware. Norton comes with features like a Password manager, system scanning, or many others.

Users can use the Norton software in all operating systems, however, they might face Norton Error Unable to Continue 80047ec6 issue.

Modern technology comes with many drawbacks like hacking. Today, hacking becomes so significant that without the antivirus software, our system remains vulnerable to these viruses, malware, and spyware.

And once our device becomes infected with these viruses, they steal our personal and professional data and misuse them. The stealing of the data troubles us mentally, as well. So it is always recommended to use the antivirus software like Norton for the protection of the system.

Norton Error Unable to continue 80047ec6

Like any other antivirus software, Norton also shows some errors which hamper the system’s proper functioning. Many times the issue occurs when we have more than one antivirus software installed on our system.

So, if possible, and it is best for the users to use only one antivirus software on a device. And if this is the case, try to uninstall the other one and then check the issue remains or not. If the issue remains, follow the given methods to solve the issue with the effective steps.

Norton Error Unable to continue 80047ec6
Methods to Solve Norton Error Unable to Continue 80047ec6

Method 1: Update the version of the Norton

Make sure that the previous version of the Norton antivirus is completely uninstalled from the system. And if you found the older version, then you need to uninstall it and then install the latest version of the Norton Antivirus.

Method 2: Uninstall the other Antivirus

A user needs to uninstall the other antivirus software from the system. Sometimes when you uninstall the antivirus software from the system, some files left in the system, and it does not completely uninstall from the system.

So a user needs to remove the leftover files from the system completely to fix the Norton Error Unable to continue 80047ec6. And in case of difficulty, a user can get in touch with the Norton customer care.

Method 3: Switch off fast Startup

Another best way to fix the Norton Error Unable to continue 80047ec6 is to switch off the fast startup. On your Windows 10 operating system, a user needs to switch off the fast startup.

Your Windows 10 operating system comes with the option of automatically turns on the fast start-up, and due to this, sometimes the Norton Error Unable to continue 80047ec6 occurs.

So a user needs to disable it. And to do this, you need to go to the control panel option, and here you can disable it. The fast startup prevents the complete shutdown of the system and hampers the proper functioning of the system. So to fix the error, a user needs to disable it.

Method 4: Live Update

A user needs to start the Live update option in order to fix the Norton error. Make sure the device is properly updated with the latest version.


Dial+1 (718) 618-9816 for Toll-Free Antivirus Helpline

We hope the article will help you to fix your Norton Error Unable to continue 80047ec6. Norton offers the best security, so in case of any problems with the Norton, you need to fix it soon to get the benefit of the Norton software and its features. And if you are facing any issue with your Norton software, you can contact the Norton Customer Support at +1 (718) 618-9816 for help or solutions.

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How to fix Norton not working on the Mac issue?

Norton antivirus works on Mac, Android, and mobile devices. But sometimes, your Norton not works on Mac. It can occur due to reasons like Internet connection, outdated version of the Norton, corrupted files or documents, and incorrect installation of the Norton software. So to fix the issue, you need to make sure that your network connection is working properly fine.

How to fix Norton not opening issue?

There are many reasons because of which your Norton antivirus is not opening. And to fix the issue, follow the given step.
• Check the network connectivity
• Check firewall exception
• Disable Norton antivirus
• Reinstall Norton antivirus

How to fix Norton 360 installation problem?

There are times when the users face the issue of the Norton 360 installation. Reasons like poor connection, outdated version, corrupted files, and many others are responsible for the issue. So, to resolve the issue, a user is required to remove the outdated version of the Norton 360 and reinstall the latest version of it. Also, ensure the good strength of the network connectivity.

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