Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update Error

Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update Error

As we know, everyday new bug enters the internet, and to fix this, Norton offers time to time updates for your system security and its better performance. However, there are times when the Norton antivirus stuck on the update, and it hampers your system protection. So a user needs to fix this error shortly so that you can use your Norton antivirus without any issue or problems.

Norton is one of the reliable and trustworthy cybersecurity software. It completely secures your system protection and keeps it stay protected from the malware, virus, Trojans, worms, and other online threats and dangers. It blocks the malicious activities that harm your system. Norton comes with excellent features and functions. Thus it is used by millions of users across the world for personal and professional data safety.

Check out these methods to fix Norton antivirus stuck on the update issue.

Dial +1 (718) 618-9816 for Toll-Free Norton Antivirus Helpline

Ways to fix the Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update

There are some solutions that help the users to fix the Norton antivirus stuck on update issue or problem. The steps are not that difficult. One can easily follow the given methods.

Ways to fix the Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update

Method 1: Free Space

If you have so many files or some unwanted files or documents and you have downloaded the heavy files of Norton antivirus, then there are chances that you might face the Norton antivirus stuck on update issue. So, in this case, you need to delete the unnecessary and unwanted files and documents from the system to clean the system. If the files are necessary, you can backup them on clouds or save it on other places. It might help you to fix the Norton error.

Method 2: Disable windows firewall

Your Windows firewall is one of the primary reasons for the Norton antivirus stuck on update issue. Due to this, you experience the issue while updating the Norton. Here, are the steps to disable the Windows firewall:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Here, select system and security
  3. Now, choose the Window Firewall option.
  4. Here, a user needs to disable the firewall.

Method 3: Norton Remove and Reinstall software

If nothing works, then you can use the Norton Remove and Reinstall software. The tool will help you to get rid of the Norton error. Here are the steps to use it.

  1. To download the tool, visit Norton’s main page.
  2. Here, you need to download the latest version of the software.
  3. Once the download process completes, you need to install the software.
  4. At last, you need to restart your system.


Dial +1 (718) 618-9816 for Toll-Free Antivirus Helpline

All these methods will surely help the users to fix the Norton antivirus stuck on the update problem. But in case you stuck somewhere or have any difficulty in following the methods, then you can get in touch with the professionals or experts to get the best and suitable solutions to fix the error. You can contact the Norton Support desk at +1 (718) 618-9816 to get the best solution. The experts will help you out.

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How to fix Norton error code 1016?

Norton error code 1016 is associated with the update issue of the Norton. The issue occurs when you download the latest update for the better performance of the Norton software. Due to this, our system freezes or hangs, and the display show the error consisting that cannot upgrade the software. It disturbs the Norton performance as the existing Norton software is not good enough as the Upgraded software. So a user needs to fix the error. To fix the error, use the below methods.
• Restart your computer: One of the best ways to fix this error is restarting the computer. It will fix many issues or problems. So, close your program and restart the system.
• Remove and Reinstall tool: Another way to fix the Norton error is to download the Remove and Reinstall tool. This tool will help the users to get rid of the errors. So, download the tool and install it on your system.

How to resolve Norton License Key Error?

Norton License key issue occurs when you try to install the Norton software on your system. This issue also occurs when your license key is disabled. And to fix the error, you need to download and install the Norton software again. Go to the Norton main page, and here download the software. A user will get the license key when they buy the Norton.

How to fix Norton won’t work on Windows 10 issue?

One of the main reasons why Norton won’t open or work on Windows 10 is your outdated Norton software. So, if you are facing the Norton is not working on windows 10, then try the given solutions.
• Update your Norton Software
• Consider using Norton Power Eraser
• Reinstall Norton antivirus on Window 10
• Check you network connection

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