How to Cancel Automatic Renewal in Norton Account

Cancel Automatic Renewal in Norton Account

Norton is a cybersecurity software that protects our system from the cyber-threat. Nowadays, a cyber-security is foremost for users to protect personal and professional data. Users can trust Norton Antivirus for system security. But the Norton offers its free version for a limited period of time, and after that, a user needs to purchase the premium version.

And when you purchased the Norton Antivirus, you need to make a Norton account with personal information including, the Debit and Credit Card information. And due to this Automatic renewal charge from your Debit or Credit card. It occurs for the continued use of Norton antivirus. It is very annoying and frustrating, but Norton gives you the 60 days refund option as well. So if you don’t want to continue your Norton Antivirus service, you can claim your 60 days refund.

Norton Subscription Refund

Norton gives security to the system, but its auto-renewal option is quite annoying. It charges from you as soon as updates are done in your system. But a user can cancel automatic renewal in the Norton account.

How to cancel Automatic Renewal in Norton Account

When you purchased the first plan on Norton Antivirus, you need to make a Norton account including, your Debit or Credit information. And with the help of this information, Norton automatically deducts the charge from your account. So a user needs to cancel automatic renewal in the Norton account. And if users don’t disable this, then a user can face the same problem in the future. So a user needs to change the setting of it, and here are the steps to cancel automatic renewal in the Norton account.

Steps of cancel automatic renewal in Norton Account

  • First, a user needs to log in to the Norton account.
  • Here, on the homepage, a user will find the automatic renewal option.
  • A user needs to click on this option and turn it off.
  • A user needs to confirm the turnoff of the automatic renewal.

So, it will cancel automatic renewal in the Norton account, and now no more money will deduct from your account.

How to get a Refund after Cancellation?

Norton gives the time limit of 60 days to get a refund. So in case you are charged with the automatic renewal, you can claim your refund within the 60 days. So here are the steps to get a refund after cancellation.

  • A user needs to contact the Norton Customer care support team.
  • A user can use the live chat option or directly call them on their toll-free number and explain the executives your problem and claim your refund. A user needs to wait for at least 3 minutes to get a response from the executives.
  • A user needs to remember that their Norton antivirus login details are also required.


Contact +1 (718) 618-9816 for Antivirus Support

We hope the article will help you to cancel automatic renewal in the Norton account and get your refund from Norton. You can contact the Norton Customer support at +1 (718) 618-9816

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How do to cancel Norton Subscription?

A user can easily cancel the Norton Subscription. And to cancel this, a user needs to sign in to the Norton account with credentials, and then a user needs to visit the My Subscription tab to change your renewal settings. A user can also contact the Norton Antivirus Customer care to cancel the Norton Subscription. A user needs to know that once he canceled the renewal option, then for the renewal of the account, he must manually renew the Norton Subscription to use the service of Norton Antivirus.

How do I renew my Norton security?

So if you have canceled your automatic renewal option and now wants to renew the Norton account, then you need to click on the Renew or Activate Now option in the Norton main page. A user needs to review the purchase, and then a user needs to select the Buy Now or Subscribe Now option.

Do I Need to Uninstall Norton Before Installing a New Version?

A user must know that it depends upon whether you want to upgrade the Norton antivirus or you download or purchase the new version. If a user wants to upgrade the Norton antivirus, then he does not need to uninstall the Norton before Installing a New Version. But if you purchased or download the new version, then you need to uninstall the existing one to install the new version of the Norton Antivirus.

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